YQSHYP Kids Double Sided Art Easel,Easy to Assemble Height Adjustable Magnetic Drawing Board 360° Rotating Whiteboard Chalkboard Learning Educational Toys for Children Toddlers


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  • Fine details: the corners of the product are curved, which can avoid scratching the baby, making the relief pattern on the surface pattern and touching the graphics.
  • Double-sided writing: one side of the whiteboard and one side of the blackboard, magnetic on both sides, can be used by two people at the same time.
  • Highly selectable: According to the baby’s height and posture requirements, the product has two heights (74cm/94cm).
  • 360° all-round rotation: The drawing board can be rotated 360°, the angle can be controlled, and any painting angle can be selected.
  • Stable support: triangular structure, support for drawing board is more stable, and children’s creation is more enjoyable.

UPC: 098498755434