Popular Bathroom Color Schemes for 2021

Too often the bathroom gets reduced to a mere functional room. It is somewhere we have to go to perform number one or number two, take a bath/shower, or otherwise groom and clean ourselves. Not much care is given to its appearance. After all, why bother? We usually do not spend most of our lives there. Better to spend money on decorating other rooms, right?

Well, perhaps. But recently people have started realizing the benefits of having a well-decorated bathroom. The right color scheme and placement of items can greatly enhance our bathroom experience and have amazing effects on our daily mood.

With information from our list of the top bathroom color schemes for 2019, your bathrooms will undoubtedly be better. With better bathrooms come better days and, as Annie Dillard once wrote in The Writing Life: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Without further ado, let us get started.

1. Green, Brown, and White

To start off we have a color scheme which really gives off a kind of zen feeling. If you are a person who enjoys minimalist designs, then the calming nature of this color scheme will probably appeal to you.

With walls painted brown and green, white ceramics, and cabinet doors made of black wood, this color scheme also benefits from having a plant or two in the room to assist with the aesthetic. This cannot be a bad thing, as all bathrooms could use a bit of freshening up. This is a great choice for those looking for something simple yet beautiful.

2. White, Brown, and Grey

The great thing about this color combination is that it gives the perfect fusion of serenity and warmth. The clean whites and greys will relax your eyes while the wooden cabinets will give the entire room a homely and welcoming feel.

Too often bathrooms seem like clinic rooms rather than parts of one’s home. With this color scheme, you will barely feel the seamless transition between your bedroom and bathroom. If you want a color scheme which slightly steps out of the norm but is still classic, then this is the color scheme for you.

3. Cream, Tan and Brown

If you have ever had the fantasy of being a sultan transported back into Ancient Greece, then this color scheme will have you feeling that way… sort of. Very stylish and warm, it will make the time you spend in the bathroom relaxing but uplifting at the same time.

With the wooden cabinets, brownish green walls, and cream floor tiles, your bathroom will seem as if it is a spa specifically prepared for your pampering. Whether you are someone who enjoys warmer colors or you simply want to feel luxurious while laying in a spacious bathtub, this color scheme will no doubt tickle your fancy.

4. Grey, White, and Green

This one is similar to the green, brown, and white color scheme but more monochromatic and mysterious. With grey walls, white ceramics, and plants added in here and there for greenery and freshness, this color scheme is more subdued. It gives off a more serious, somewhat less friendly vibe, which might be what you are looking for if you are trying to appear as being on the edgier side.

However, the added green and white accents do enough to make it not too intimidating, so this color scheme turns out to be a great middle ground between a nice guy and bad boy.

5. Tan, Brown, and Grey

If you have ever wanted to feel like British royalty while performing whatever business you have in the bathroom, then this color scheme was undoubtedly created for you. This combination of light floors, wooden cabinets, and light brown walls screams classic authenticity and is definitely a style to adopt if you are trying to make a powerful impression.

Pleasant, warm, and welcoming, your bathroom will feel less like a bathroom and more like a lounge room in which fancy toilets, faucets, and a bathtub happened to have been placed. If you like to feel posh and pampered, then this one is definitely for you.

6. White, Brown, and Grey

This color scheme will give you more of a standard bathroom feel but the brown wooden flooring will definitely enhance the homely atmosphere. If you are looking for a design which will not transform your bathroom into something it is not but will still keep it nice and cozy, this is the color scheme for you.

Not overly relaxing or terribly exciting, this is a very safe way to go if you want to spice things up but keep them classic at the same time.

7. Brown, Tan, and Taupe

Decidedly different than what we have had before, this color scheme will definitely bring out the rustic feel in your bathroom. This is a relatively monochromatic look which focuses on browns, and can thus sometimes give you the impression that you are in an earthen cave rather than in a bathroom.

This can have a lot of charm to some people, and the subdued colors are definitely relaxing but in a warm way. This design will also appeal to you if you prefer your bathroom to have a bit of an oriental vibe to it.

8. Brown, Grey, and Black

How many times have you been in a really expensive, five-star hotel, went into one of the bathrooms and thought “Man… I really wish I could have this in my home.” Well, perhaps you may not be able to afford an identical bathroom, but this color scheme will undoubtedly have you feeling like you are in the most luxurious hotel bathroom you have ever been in.

The earthen feel that brown can give is offset by the black accents in such a way that space now adopts a cooler and sleeker feel. This bathroom design can almost feel like James Bond is about to pop out of the bathtub. Whether you think that a good or bad thing, this bathroom look is a great option to spice up a monochromatic brown color scheme.