Topfund Crystal Singing Bowls Review

Crystal Singing Bowls

Yogis have been using crystal singing bowls for a long time now. They have aided them in their quests for enlightenment and next to that they are becoming a great addition to any spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation done in homes all around the world. Thankfully they are not as exclusive as they used to be and now it is easy to get your own. However, a lot of options and features come into play when it comes to singing bowls. You might not know which ones to get. Things like sound, color, and size all play a role when it comes to deciding what you need for your spiritual practice. The singing bowls of today seem to have replaced the old traditional Tibetan variety. This means there is a lot to choose from. You can use the power of sound and bring forth inner peace with whatever you might be doing all day, simply by adding crystal singing bowls to your environment. Using quartz as a vibration transmitter, they help the listener tune into a much more relaxed state of consciousness and have a vital healing effect. To show you just how great these bowls can be, we are going to dive into the features of Topfund’s Crystal singing bowls 7 color chakra tune set. Hopefully, this will clear up all confusion when it comes to this wonderful instrument of meditation.

Learn Why Crystal Singing Bowls are Popular

Topfund’s crystal singing bowls are made of American quartz and come in a tuned 8-12 inch set. This makes them some of the best crystal singing bowls in the world. This is because the material from which singing bowls are made play the most important role in getting the sound that you need in order for them to work right. Topfund is an industry that specializes in quartz products and guarantees high quality when it comes to this substance.

Next to that Topfund has got the dimensions of the singing bowls as correct as possible making them sound perfect. By striking the outside of the positioned upright bowl with a mallet, you will be able to hear that perfect, calming ring that these singing bowls were made for. The special thing about these singing bowls is that their tones are properly tuned to your specific chakra. They come in different sizes and frosted colors, each one corresponding to sooth a specific chakra. And yes, all seven are chakra coordinated bowls are available for ordering.

However, the bowls are not the only things included when ordering this product. Next, to the bowls themselves, each package also includes a number of other things to help out. Firstly, they come with detailed but simple instruction papers that will allow you to use your crystal singing bowls right away, even if you do not have any experience in doing so before. This will greatly help you use them in the most effective way possible. This means it does not matter if you are a beginner. You will be able to use the bowls effectively as soon as you receive them. The bowls also come with a suede stick or mallet that you use as a tool for striking them.

Next, to that, they also come with an O ring that you can place under your singing bowls as a base. This will both help with your sound and make sure that the bowls do not get damaged. With all these things that come with the bowls, you will surely be ready to use them to your greatest advantage.

The sound is probably the most important component when it comes to any singing bowl. This, of course, is the whole point of the product. The sound of quality crystal singing bowls sends the listener into a deep and relaxing meditative state that is beneficial for their health and inner peace. The sound is yet another thing that Topfund does right when it comes to its crystal bowls. All the bowls sing very easily, producing a clear, rich sound filling the space and benefiting its correlating chakra in your body. This allows you to enjoy the state of bliss that is associated with crystal singing bowls so often.

Topfund’s crystal singing bowls are made of great quality quartz as mentioned earlier. They are sturdy and they are sure to keep in good condition if you treat them correctly. But just in case an accident happens when it comes to shipping, and they break you will get a free replacement and 30 days return guarantee. Also, if you are ordering from anywhere inside of the USA, fast local shipping is guaranteed with FedEx, DHL, UPS or USPS. Fast shipping means they will arrive in 2-5 days. However, they all are packaged safely and tightly with the utmost care, so we are sure that there will not be any problems regarding shipping.

Listen to the Beautiful Sound of Singing

It depends on what you might want to do with your meditation. You might need a number of singing bowls, not just one. Thankfully Topfund offers you one for every chakra, correlated by size, tone, and color. Made from quality quartz, these singing bowls, accompanied by mallet, instructions and o ring can help you greatly when it comes to falling into a meditative state. Now that they are here, there nothing is stopping you from replicating the sounds of an old Tibetan temple conveniently in your very own home. This is why Topfund’s crystal singing bowls are a great choice for anyone developing themselves spiritually. All Topfund’s products also comply with international quality standards so you know you are getting top quality. Whether you are a beginner or you are more experienced in using crystal singing bowls, it does not matter because these bowls are suited for everyone. They benefit all levels of the human being using natural resonant frequencies, inducing harmony with the rest of the body. Many methods using sound have been experimented with for many years and using these bowls is one of them. By using crystal singing bowls, you are opening your being too physical, mental and spiritual health, guidance and bliss.