Jakks Creepy Crawlers Bugmaker


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Brand: Jakks


  • Bug maker transforms slime to bugs in no time
  • New oven creates up to 40 bugs; twice as many in just half the time
  • Child-safe durable plastic
  • Includes 3 detailing tips, 3 bottles of plasti-goop, 1 detailing pen, 1 double use spaltula 1 cooling tray and 1 goopfx pick
  • Recommended for kids 8 to 12 years old

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The Jakks Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker transforms slime to bugs in no time. It’s easy for kids to start making bugs. Just pour the plasti-goop compound in the bug molds and turn up the heat. When it’s done baking, take out the cooling tray, let them cool, and voila — they’ve got creepy creatures to gross out their friends.
Buggin’ Out Making the bugs is half the fun! The set comes with three distinctly different plasti-goop colors, encouraging kids to come up with festive or freaky new bug combinations. Using the goop FX detailing pens and three detailing tips, bug-makers can scorch the shades and shapes of each scorpion claw and every wormy body segment. A goop FX pick is also included for pulling the bugs out of the trays.
Twice the Fun in Half the Time The new and improved Creepy Crawlers creates up to 40 bugs — twice as many twisted creatures in just half the time. The brightly colored oven is almost as fun as the bug-making process itself, with a gross wriggling crawler on top for inspiration. There are also bug-covered holders on the sides that store the double-use spatula and cooling tray. Made with durable plastic, the oven, trays, and spatula are child-safe and stand up to hours of experimentation in the bug laboratory. This classic boy’s toy is recommended for kids 8 to 12 years old. The oven requires a 60-watt small base light bulb, sold separately, but available in virtually any grocery store.
What’s in the Box Baking oven, 3 plastic goop bottles, 1 Goop FX Detailing Pen and 3 tips, 2 molds, goop FX pick, 1 double use spatula and cooling tray.

The set comes with three distinctly different plasti-goop colors and FX detailing pens.

From the Manufacturer

The Original Creepy Crawler Oven – they ooze in, but crawl out! Make over 40 bugs. Bug maker includes double-use spatula, 3 detailing tips, 2 molds, 3 bottles of Plasti-goop, Goop FX detailing pen and cooling tray.

UPC: 022876552773