LTCTL Drawing Board Children’s Drawing Board Single-Sided Message Board Wooden Frame Magnetic Graffiti Board Suitable for Office and School Writing Toys (Size : 45x60cm (17.7×23.6in))


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Brand: LTCTL


  • Reliable materials: made of high-quality environmental protection. The sleek edges and soft curves eliminate potential damage. In addition, it can help you avoid oil stains on your clothes when painting with paint or ink. You can relax with peace of mind while your children are playing
  • Comfortable office life, retaining inspiration, sometimes only needs a blackboard.
  • Wooden frame single-sided blackboard. Easy to write and easy to erase, can attract magnetic buckle, flexible pen holder, wipe clean.
  • The magnetic design of the board allows you to post paper, photo announcements, etc. at will, which can effectively improve office efficiency.
  • The product has three sizes to choose from, which are 30x40cm (11.8×15.7in), 45x60cm (17.7×23.6in), 60x90cm (23.6×35.4in) drawing board