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Brand: Blackboard


  • With hinge design, it is foldable, occupies a small space, easy to store, easy to carry, suitable for offices, bedrooms, flower shops, shopping malls and other places.
  • The height is 100cm, and the size of the drawing board is 50*70cm. It can be used not only as a children’s drawing board, but also as an advertising display board.
  • The use of tempered glass panel is easy to write, easy to wipe, can be written repeatedly, easy to use, and provide you with a good painting environment.
  • It is made of high-quality materials, sturdy and durable, with high-quality hardware accessories, stable installation and long service life.
  • Built-in LED lights can emit different colors of light, and with a highlighter, make your advertising more attractive and better marketing effect.

Details: Product name: Vertical luminous sign
Product color: black
Product size: 50*41*100cm
Panel size: 50*70cm
Product material: aluminum alloy bracket + tempered glass panel
Product features: foldable, repeated writing, LED light
Scope of application: all people
Applicable scenarios: physical stores, business halls, hotels, flower shops, offices, bedrooms, etc.