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Brand: AWSAD


  • ★ THE MATERIAL OF THE BALCONY NET: soft, the grid is light, the latitude and longitude are multi-layer, the wiring is very good, the craftsmanship is very good; high temperature and sun protection, waterproof; clear lines, non-slip, abrasion
  • ★ THE SAFETY NET IS HAND-WOVEN: simple and generous, the safety of children cannot be ignored. It can also be used as a cat net to protect small pets from falling
  • ★ CLIMBING NET SIZE: grid spacing: 5 cm; rope diameter: 6 mm, various size options, can be used for adult climbing/ child climbing/ safety protection
  • ★ CHILD PROTECTION NET: medium soft, not easy to fade, not afraid of wind and rain, long service life, more durable, easy to install and disassemble, easy and durable storage
  • ★ MULTIFUNCTIONAL PROTECTION NET: family balcony railings, balconies, stair safety nets, railings, stairs, anti- cat climbing, anti- high fall and other intensive protection; walls, homes, theme parties, hotels, hotels, cafes, bookstores, restaurants, decorations And suspension, etc