Yeston Nvidia Geforce GTX1050TI Gaming Graphics Cards,4GB Memory GDDR5 128Bit 7008MHz DVD-D HDMI DP GPU,Desktop Video Card


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  • The 9cm large-size ball silent fan, through a specially optimized turbo fan design, significantly increases the air volume, lowers the noise, and can blow through the heat sink faster.
  • Lightweight air deflector, high-strength, light-weight material to ensure the overall strength of the graphics card, while reducing the load-bearing capacity of the graphics card PCB and motherboard socket, so that the system structure is stable for a long time.
  • Full digital interface, DVI-D + HDMI + DP diversified 3 E interfaces, to solve more needs.
  • Lower power consumption, no need for external power supply, reducing power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving, while maintaining excellent performance.
  • Long service life: High Quality Material. The high-quality electrical components and PCB plate ensure its safety and stability.

UPC: 792933967863