Wii Sports Game + Wii Sports Resort Game [Wii]


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  • Bundle includes One (1) Wii Sports Game and One (1) Wii Sports Resort Game
  • 5 Games in 1: Boxing, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Baseball
  • This Wii Sport game is a standalone game – this game also comes bundled with the Wii
  • New games include: Sword Play, Power Cruising, and Disc Dog
  • Wii Sports Resort Game requires the use of a Wii Motion Plus accessory (Wii Motion Plus accessory is NOT INCLUDED).

Details: – Wii Sports Game ia a compilation of simple, Wii-playable sports games. Included sports are Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Boxing and Bowling. All of these sports games have a stylized look that’s designed after classic 8-bit game designs but brought to life with full 3D technology. Although each game will concentrate on the core mechanics of hitting a ball, swinging a racquet, and putting with a club, the games will offer full (albeit simplified) sports experiences of whole games in Baseball and Tennis as well as multiple holes to play in Golf. Also compatible with the Mii avatar system for a more personalized experience. – Wii Sports and Wii Sport Resort – Game Only – No Case or Manual

UPC: 828706803981