Turbo Texas Hold’em


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Brand: Wilson Software


  • Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Learn how to beat the rake.


This covers limit hold’em NEW! Turbo Texas Hold’em Version 6 New Features Added: Extensive work has been done to improve the advice and quality of play. Advice is situation specific and is based on many factors. Your hand, your position, the status of the pot and the number of opponents with money in the pot are major considerations. Advice is then further customized based on the type of game. This means that V6 gives tailored advice which is different for loose, passive games than it is for loose, aggressive games or for average games or for tight, aggressive games, etc. Dramatic increases in effectiveness have resulted in 40% to 75+% increase in profitability as compared to V5. Learn how to beat the rake. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been expanded including observing and adjusting to your playing style and that of your opponents. The “Begin a new game” option and the “Challenge the Advisor” feature have each been expanded to allow you to choose the level of competition. Custom graphics have been added for more screen resolutions. “Ask anyone what the best training software for poker players is, and you’ll get one answer: Wilson’s.” Penthouse Magazine, June 2005 Extensive control over play based on type of hands, position and reaction to the board. The profile modules are custom designed for each of the different poker games. Lineup – Choose which players you want in the game. Create a loose game, a tight game, etc. to simulate the games you typically play in. The game itself – Turbo Texas Hold’em. Play with 2 to 10 players, control the nature of the game; fixed or spread limit, blind and bet amounts, etc. Statistical reporting includes analysis of starting cards, 3-D bar charts and graphs. Test how well you can read your opponents using the three Awareness Challenges. Windows 95 through Win 7 32 bit only, or Mac with Virtual PC.