Thrustmaster TS XW Servo Base (XBOX Series X/S, XOne & Windows)


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Color: Black


  • Compatible with all detachable ThrustMaster add-on wheels (sold separately)
  • Brushless Servomotor for powerful, precise and responsive force feedback
  • Turbo power supply for the powerful 40-watt motor
  • Dual belt and pulley system with metal ball-bearing axle for Super-smooth, extremely quiet performance
  • Compatible with the ThrustMaster TH8A shifter, as well as with the TSS handbrake Sparco Mod and TSS handbrake Sparco Mod + handbrake/sequential shifter models (sold separately)

Details: Derived from the ts-xw racer racing wheel (the first milestone of the collaboration between ThrustMaster and Sparco), the ts-xw Servo base is a powerhouse of technologies crafted to provide cutting-edge performance. Designed as the Central element in ThrustMaster high-end racing ecosystem for Xbox series x|s, Xbox One and PC (Windows 10), the ts-xw Servo base is compatible with all detachable ThrustMaster add-on wheels (sold separately). the ts-xw Servo base provides force feedback via a brushless 40-watt servomotor, Featuring ThrustMaster mce (motor cooling embedded) cooling system (patent US010441882B2).

UPC: 663296422866