Tecmo Bowl – Game Boy Color


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Brand: Nintendo

Edition: Standard


  • player vs. the computer in 11 game single-elimination playoff action, or you can go head-to-head with a human opponent in action or coach mode
  • Number of Players Supported
    1-2 Players

Details: Product description

TECMO BOWL! You’ve trained for it in the arcade. Now, strap on your helmet and go for it! Choose your team and select plays for your own game plan. From the snap, total control of every pass, block, run, and tackle is in your hands. Tecmo Bowl! The game of guts and glory!

From the Manufacturer

Real teams real action real players and total control. You call the offensive and defensive plays and you control the action. 1 or 2 players superior graphics coaching modes password for continued action 12 teams super action cinema screens run plays/pass plays real team players 11 week season. Based on the famous arcade game.

UPC: 018946080031