Super Mario Strikers


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Brand: Nintendo

Edition: Standard


  • Select a captain, build a team with your favorite characters from the Mario universe, then hit the field for five-on-five soccer action
  • Power up with giant shells, exploding bananas, freeze shells and more — blow a path down field and go for the goal
  • Play Grudge Match games against a buddy or grab some friends and extra controllers for fast-paced 4-player action
  • Cup Battles Mode pits your team against all others in a multi-tiered, electrifying competition for the coveted Cup Trophy

Details: Super Mario Strikers is a new soccer game that’s unlike anything ever to hit the pitch! You’ll combine classic Mario gameplay with real soccer fun — whether you freeze an opponent with an ice-cold shell, kicking over a spiny shell or scaring off an entire team with the roving Chain Chomp, you’re sure to see something new around every corner kick.

UPC: 045496963255