Sale! 2-Port DisplayPort KVM Switch – Dual-Monitor – 4K 60 – with Audio & USB Peripheral Support – DP 1.2 – USB Hub (SV231DPDDUA2)


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Brand: StarTech

Color: Black


  • Multi-tasking made easy: This 2-port DisplayPort KVM switch will help maximize your productivity with dual-display, multi-computer access
  • 4K Support: Enjoy astonishing picture quality with support for Ultra HD 4K resolutions at 60Hz on each of the DP 1.2 ports
  • Ultimate convenience: This KVM switch enables you to share your USB peripheral devices with a built-in 2-port USB hub
  • Audio support: Built with 3.5 mm auxiliary ports, this switch offers independent audio support, enabling you to have full control over your multimedia experience
  • Ideal for creatives: Designed with the creative professional in mind, this dual-monitor keyboard and mouse switch enables users to perform high-resolution tasks like graphic design and editing

Details: This 2-Port DisplayPort KVM switch features audio and USB peripheral support along with dual-monitor capability which makes it easy to create a multimedia workstation that can switch between two dual-head or twin DisplayPort systems.Maximize Productivity With support for two DisplayPort 1.2 video inputs and two different computers, this KVM switch helps maximize productivity. You can access multiple computers, giving you the freedom to multitask and increase your productivity.You can also use low-cost adapters to achieve a dual-display setup using your computer’s secondary HDMI or DVI port.Astonishing Picture Quality This dual DisplayPort KVM switch supports resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K at 60Hz, and can drive two large DP monitors with ease. This makes it the ideal solution for creating workstations where high-quality imaging is critical, such as graphic design.Complete Multimedia Control This KVM switch features auxiliary 3.5 mm audio ports that let you share independent analog audio, from each of your connected computers, with your desktop speaker set. With independent audio support, along with dual 4K DP video, you get full multimedia control between different computers which makes this the perfect KVM switch for creative professional applications such as video and sound design or editing.Convenient Peripheral Sharing This KVM switch offers a built-in 2-port USB hub that’s separate from your HID keyboard and mouse. This enables you to share USB peripherals between each connected computer and avoid the expense of separate equipment. The USB hub automatically switches your connected USB devices to the selected computer, saving you the hassle and cost of outfitting each of your computers with their own peripherals.SV231DPDDUA2 is backed by a StarTech.

UPC: 065030867177