SCUF Prestige Custom Performance Controller for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC & Mobile – White & Gray V2


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Color: White & Gray V2


  • Back control functions are the determining factor for competitive gamers. SCUF Prestige includes 4 paddles that can be mapped to 14 controller functions: A, B, X, Y, Left Stick, Right Stick, Entire D-Pad, Menu, View, Left Bumper, and Right Bumper.
  • Use Trigger Stops on the fly for shorter trigger pull to save game-changing seconds.
  • Take trigger efficiencies 1 step further with Hair Triggers, fine tune with your SCUF Key to adjust the distance of your trigger pull.
  • SCUF Prestige’s integrated, high-performance layer of grip provides a textured non-slip surface that improves comfort. Ideal for extended hours of gameplay.
  • Change your controller’s look in seconds with the removable magnetic faceplate and interchangeable thumbsticks.

Details: SCUF Prestige’s remappable back paddles, trigger stops, hair trigger, and more will increase hand use and shorten response times. This controller’s ergonomic lightweight design and high performance grip will improve comfort to keep you in the game longer.

UPC: 854538005538