RailDriver USB Desktop Train Cab Controller


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Brand: RailDriver

Color: RailDriver

Edition: Standard


  • Prototypical throttle, brake, and reverser levers
  • Three digit LED speed or throttle position readout
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom controls for in-game viewing
  • 28 programmable buttons for in-game selections
  • Built in subwoofer vibrates the controller enhancing the simulation

Details: RailDriver USB Cab Controller plugs into a PC to control locomotives most popular train simulation programs. It features prototypical throttle, brake, and reverser levers and a built-in subwoofer which vibrates the controller so it feels like an authentic locomotive. Compatible with all popular Windows based train simulation programs including Trainz Railroad Simulator, Train Simulator 2018-2021, Run8, & TSW2.

UPC: 703273001209