Quazi Motorized Military Missile Trains Set with Lights and Complete Track Compatible with Lego Train Tracks (Military Style 1174 Pieces)


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Brand: Quazi


  • This is an imported brand motorized military missile train building blocks sets. This is an awesome original theme, first of its kind. It comes with full set of track pieces and a army truck building set. It does not come with minifigures.
  • The army train sets come with battery box, LED light and a motor kit compatible with other power functions components. The parts can be used to design your own motorized train. The battery box controls variable speed, fast and slow, forward and reverse. It does not have bluetooth nor remote control capability
  • This train measures 2 feet 11″ long, 5″ tall, 1174 major brand compatible building blocks, making it ideal for construction role play. Combine with other construction playsets for even more fun. Kids can learn the secrets of mega construction machines as they steer, adjust the launch angle, understand the mechanics of pulley and many articulated parts.
  • The train is packaged with 50-page instruction booklet makes building fun. Even an expert will take hours to build it, it gives you many hours of building enjoyment. This is a challenging set, recommended for creator expert, adult, collectors, and kids 14+.

Details: Military Missile train building blocks sets

UPC: 301652388035