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  • Pokemon N64 Games

Details: Product Description Pokémon Stadium lets you stage Pokémon battles in a whole new arena–on your Nintendo 64! See all 150 Pokémon execute their attacks in full 3-D, and create your own custom stickers!Pokémon Stadium gives trainers an arena to engage in heated Pokémon battles, and offers them a ringside seat for the action. Tons of features, including support for playing your Game Boy Pokémon game through your N64, make Stadium a must-have for all Pokémon fans! In Pokémon Stadium, you’re able to battle using your most loyal Pokémon from the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of Pokémon (sold separately). Thanks to a Transfer Pak that comes with Pokémon Stadium and plugs into the bottom of your controller, data can be transferred straight from a Game Boy cartridge to your N64. The technical machines, attacks, and levels of your trained Pokémon are available on Pokémon Stadium, so you won’t have to leave any of your favorites behind. You’ll want your specially trained Pokémon to battle Stadium’s toughest rivals. There are 150 Pokémon that can be used, or “rented,” in Pokémon Stadium, even if you decide not to transfer data from your Game Boy Pokémon games. (Mewtwo is never available as a rental Pokémon, but you can upload Mewtwo from your Pokémon Game Pak.) Pokémon Stadium will allow up to four players to compete in a grueling Pokémon tournament, designed to reveal which of your friends is the best Pokémon trainer. Amazon.com As with just about anything brandishing the Pokémon name, Pokémon Stadium is a must-have for any Pokémaniac. But this title is especially geared towards owners of Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, or Pokémon Yellow for the Game Boy. Using the same battle system as the Game Boy games–think highly advanced rock-paper-scissors–Pokémon Stadium allows players to enter their Pokémon in a variety of tournaments and other battle modes, all featuring vibrant 3-D graphics and animation, as well as enhanced sounds and announcer commentary. Using the included Transfer Pak, players can use their own Pokémon from Game Boy Game Paks, or they can choose from a pool of rental Pokémon.Pokémon Stadium isn’t all battles, though. The Kids Club mode features nine cutesy minigames that make for great multiplayer fun for all ages. Gallery mode lets players take snapshots of Pokémon (similar to Pokémon Snap), which can then be printed out as stickers at your local Pokémon Snap station. While Pokémon Stadium doesn’t require that you already have any Game Boy version of Pokémon, players won’t be able to access two of the best features of the game without one. Pokémon Lab allows players to view, store, and better organize the data on their Game Paks, as well as trade Pokémon with another player (which requires an additional Transfer Pak, sold separately). GB Tower allows gamers to play their Game Boy Pokémon cartridge on the Nintendo 64. –Joe HonPros:Tried-and-true Pokémon battle system with enhanced graphics and sounds Allows you to play your Game Boy Pokémon game on the Nintendo 64 Ability to manipulate data on your Game Boy Pokémon game Minigames make for great multiplayer fun for all ages Cons: Not likely to win over any Pokémon holdouts The Game Boy Pokémon games are a better starting point for newbies to the genre Review Nintendo has just about all the possible Pokemon angles covered. You can play the card game, train the creatures to fight on your Game Boy, watch the movie or TV show, and snap pictures of them until the Butterfrees come home. Pokemon Stadium doesn’t really bring any new Pokemon activities to the table – it offers gameplay that feels scaled down and oversimplified, even when compared with the original Game Boy games. The main hook to Pokemon Stadium is the GB Transfer Pak, which ships with the game. The transfer pak fits into your N64 controller and has a slot for Game Boy carts. This interface lets you take the Pokemon you captured and raised in Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow and place them –

UPC: 045496870508