Parasite Eve II


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Author: Playstation

Brand: Squaresoft

Edition: Standard


  • The Threat Returns: Aya Brea is back. The Neo Mitochondrion has resurfaced and taken on a sinister twist. The outcome of this battle will determine Earth’s dominant species!
  • Horrifying CG cinemas and Sharper graphics.Fully upgradable weapons.Customizable armor.Real-time battle system.
  • Watch out for the powerful new parasite energy abilities.

Format: Playstation

Details: Product Description Aya Brea is back to defend the world from the mitochondrial menace in Parasite Eve II. This story takes place three years after the New York incident of the first game, when the horrible mutations are supposedly a thing of the past. Now working for the FBI in Los Angeles, Aya is called on to join the Mitochondrian Investigation and Suppression Team (MIST) to hunt down dangerous monsters and keep the disease from spreading. To do that, she must unravel the conspiracy that seeks the destruction of all mankind.Parasite Eve II features an enhanced, real-time battle system that will allow players to use a large array of modern weaponry. These guns, built into the game with realistic fire rates, can even be upgraded with parts that you buy or find. Also on your side is Aya’s Parasite Energy, which enables her to harness elemental power, such as a searing column of fire, to fight the monsters. Three years ago, gamers were introduced to Aya as she resigned from the New York Police Department and enlisted as a NMC (neo-mitochondrion creature) hunter for the shadowy government organization M.I.S.T., a secret agency of monster slayers somewhere between Ghostbusters and Men in Black. Wherever there was a neo-mitochondrion outbreak, Aya and her team were on the scene to put the boots to the mutants. From the outset, it’s evident that SquareSoft revamped the entire game to give gamers a better looking, sounding, and (most importantly) playing experience. The game starts with Aya training in the agency’s shooting gallery in Los Angeles. Just as she begins to get in a groove, she is asked to look into some strange happenings at the Akropolis Tower. When she arrives on the scene, an explosive, full-motion video flashes across the screen and showcases the death and carnage as Aya surveys the scene. Her entry into the Tower is where this RPG begins. SquareSoft has kept some of the excellent elements of the weapons systems from the first Parasite Eve title, but went for an entirely new battle system. Combat is delivered in real time and allows players to run, hide, and open fire. Aya can tap into her parasitic powers and can unleash elemental, magic-based attacks on the many foes she encounters. Ammunition is plentiful in the game and there are plenty of entertaining weapons to choose from. Auto targeting and involving puzzles are back, though the arrow-pointing interface for solving these puzzles is really hard to operate. The cinematic mix of story and action is very well done, and the numerous cutscenes do an excellent job of moving the pace along in a believable way. Even though the original Parasite Eve had its problems, SquareSoft has pieced together an excellent sequel that will satisfy fans of the first game and help create many new ones. –Todd MowattPros:New, real-time battle system is an improvement over first Parasite EveGreat weapons and plentiful ammunition Great mix of story and action Cons:Clunky interface for solving puzzles

UPC: 662248900094