NNR Drawing Board Children’s Three-Dimensional Drawing Room Drawing Board Children’s Home Erasable Graffiti Drawing Board Doodle Board


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Brand: NNR


  • Extremely easy to use: You can erase full-screen images and text with just one swipe.
  • The small space at the bottom of the painting room can store children’s items.
  • The beech wood is durable, delicate to the touch, and not easy to deform. The surface is covered with environmentally friendly varnish for easy care and cleaning.
  • We added rounded corner codes to the four corners of the drawing board to reduce corner collisions, and the surface is covered with water-based paint, which makes it smooth to the touch.
  • The product contains 2 memory foam cushions. Memory foam has good resilience, can evenly distribute body weight, and is not tired after sitting for a long time. It can be disassembled outside the seat, so you can clean it at any time.