Next Level Racing F-GT Monitor Stand – Matte Black (NLR-A006)


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Brand: Next Level Racing

Color: black


  • Compatible with the Next Level Racing f-gt Simulator Cockpit
  • Can mount 1 or 3 screens
  • Height and distance to find your perfect position
  • Can suit up to 1 x 65” screen or up to 3 x 27” screens
  • Height and angle adjustment for your screens

Details: To have the most realistic driving experience we highly recommend attaching your screens to the front of your Simulator Cockpit for ultimate immersions with your racing. The Next Level Racing f-gt monitor Stand can support 1-3 screens meaning you can always start with Just using 1 screen and upgrade to 3 as you build your way up to the ultimate set up. The monitor Stand is highly adjustable to have your screen closer or further from you in distance and the height of your screen/S can be set higher or lower with plenty of adjustment.

UPC: 667380785837