Moore & Giles Holton Garment Sleeve in Ventile Olive Green


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Brand: Moore and Giles

Color: Ventile Olive


  • 24″W x 44″H x .5″D
  • Naturally weatherproof shell for your hanging garments
  • Outer edge in durable leather trim

Details: The Holton Garment Sleeve has been updated with reputable and historic Ventile fabric, whose densely-woven cotton provides a naturally weatherproof shell for your hanging garments. Since we were upgrading the fabric, we also decided to improve the leather detailing including reshaping and reinforcing the hanger slot and binding the HoltonÕs outer edge in durable leather trim. Still lightweight, still perfect for transporting your garments, the Holton looks and works better than ever.

UPC: 759992714838