Mega Construx Destiny Cabal Harvester Dropship


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Brand: Mega Construx


  • 2,000+ piece buildable Cabal Harvester Dropship with Red Guard details
  • Relive the action with cockpit, rear hatch and 6 side troop doors that open for deployment
  • Dropship opens up to reveal highly detailed interior troop bay
  • Rotating thrusters and pivoting reactor
  • Five highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures include Cayde-6, two Cabal Legionaries, and two Cabal Psions

Details: Cayde-6 takes on the Red Legion with this Mega Construx Signature Series dropship!   The hordes of the Red Legion are ready to deploy from their massive Harvester Dropship. But while the Cabal foes advance, Cayde-6 waits for the perfect moment to strike! With authentic details inspired by the new Destiny game, now you can build this hulking troop carrier piece by piece. Next, open the rear hatch and side doors to drop your Cabal troops into action. Then launch forward, and take the enemy by surprise as Cayde-6 unleashes a dual-wield attack with his Ace of Spades in hand!   Ideal for ages 8 and up.

UPC: 887961481563