Luminous Handwriting Board LED Message Board neon Sign Rechargeable Foldable Drawing Board Children’s Drawing Board Height Adjustable Handwriting Board


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Brand: Blackboard


  • Easy to use: It has a stand design, the height of the product is adjustable, and a folding design, which takes up a small space and is easy to store.
  • LED light design: Built-in LED light can emit different colors of light, and with a highlighter, it is more attractive at night.
  • Wide application: It can be used not only as children’s drawing board, but also as advertising display board, suitable for offices, flower shops, coffee shops and other places.
  • Environmental protection design: The use of tempered glass panel, can write repeatedly, use highlighter to draw, avoid dust hazards, high safety.
  • Quality service: Rechargeable design, easy to use, and with a variety of sizes to choose from, to provide you with quality service.