LTCTL Drawing Board Magnetic Drawing Board Children’s Graffiti Board Small Wall-Mounted Blackboard with Suitable for Family Children (Black) Writing Toys (Color : 90x60cm (35.4×23.6in))



Brand: LTCTL

Color: 90x60cm (35.4×23.6in)


  • Reliable materials: made of high-quality environmental protection. The sleek edges and soft curves eliminate potential damage. In addition, it can help you avoid oil stains on your clothes when painting with paint or ink. You can relax with peace of mind while your children are playing
  • Mobile hook, easy to use: the blackboard is hung on the wall, and the position can be adjusted at will.
  • Three-layer paint coated panel: easy to wipe, leaving no trace, soft color, non-reflective and non-glaring.
  • ABS plastic wear-resistant wrap angle: fits and protects the wrap angle, effectively extending the use time of the blackboard.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy pen holder: removable and foldable for convenient and practical use.

Details: It is light in weight and easy to operate. In addition to being used as an indoor household toy, it can also be used as an outdoor travel and entertainment toy. From now on, keep your little ones busy and quiet, and don’t make noise.
Name: drawing board
Colour: Black
material: plastic
Dimensions: 40x30cm (15.7×11.8in), 50x35cm (19.6×13.7in), 60x45cm (23.6×17.7in), 70x50cm (27.5×19.6in), 90x60cm (35.4×23.6in)
Front side: coated blackboard
Back: The back is galvanized and cannot be written
Wonderful gift for children-magnetic drawing board erasable pad has beautiful, cute and interesting characteristics, very suitable for toddlers birthday gifts, holiday gifts, party gifts, writing game toys, Christmas stocking stuffing teaching aids, etc.