LICHUAN Magnetic Drawing Board Magnetic Drawing Board Children’s Graffiti Board Small Wall-Mounted Blackboard with Suitable for Family Children (Black) Doodle Board (Color : 90x60cm (35.4×23.6in))




Color: 90x60cm (35.4×23.6in)


  • More Colorful & Easy Erasable: By gently sliding the eraser, all patterns can be quickly and easily erased. Bright colors trigger your child’s interest and stimulates his curiosity towards colors. The drawing board will helpful for your children to improve their intelligence, imagination and drawing skills
  • Mobile hook, easy to use: the blackboard is hung on the wall, and the position can be adjusted at will.
  • Three-layer paint coated panel: easy to wipe, leaving no trace, soft color, non-reflective and non-glaring.
  • ABS plastic wear-resistant wrap angle: fits and protects the wrap angle, effectively extending the use time of the blackboard.
  • Anodized aluminum alloy pen holder: removable and foldable for convenient and practical use.