Keenso Outdoor Solar Backpack, 7W Solar Backpack Climbing Outing USB Charging Laptop Tablet Outdoor Travel Business Bag


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Brand: Keenso

Color: Grey


  • 【Breathable】The solar backpack is made of high-quality polyester fiber, which is durable, wear-resistant and breathable.
  • 【CIGS solar panel】CIGS solar panel, a lightweight solar battery, applying to convert sunlight into electricity. Easy to charge your mobile phone or other equipment, so it can remain working state anytime and anywhere.
  • 【Large-capacity】This solar backpack has a large-capacity design, which can store many items you need to meet the storage of your essentials for travel
  • 【Solar charger】The solar backpack is used as an outdoor solar charger, suitable for mobile phones, tablets, mobile power, cameras, etc.
  • 【Meeting travel needs】The backpack can meet your needs for various travel occasions, such as outdoor travel, mountain climbing, business, school, riding, etc.

Details: Specification:
Condition:100% Brand New
Product model: BP-7
Chip: CIGS
Battery capacity :1500mAh
Maximum output :5V1A
Output port :USB
Chip power :7W
Main fabric: polyester fiber
Color: As Pictures Shown
Size: approx.45*35*16cm / 17.7*13.8*6.3in
Weight: Approx.1370g


Package list: 

1 * Backpack 

How to use: (1). When charging the solar backpack please place it under a sunny place, can be charged for  electrical equipment through the side of the backpack USB interface.  (2). Can also be opened from the backpack chip storage and open the second piece of folding  chip overall power generation can be increased by times, can achieve rapid charging.  (3). Please do not cover the solar backpack chip with other objects during charging to avoid  affecting the power generation efficiency.  (4). Unplug the USB interface plug, if you do no need to charge, can put away the solar chip  folding part, convenient to use the backpack storage function.  Note:  1. It is forbidden to open the product shell without permission, for it may cause circuit breakage.  2. It is forbidden to disassemble, squeezing, puncture, short circuit this product.  3. Avoid put it into water or fire.