Iron Storm: Sega Saturn


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Brand: Working Designs

Edition: Standard


  • 500 Weapons, troops and artillery to command!
  • Realtime 3D visuals of WW2 battles you control!
  • 50 key WW2 battles to fight
  • Play as Germany, Japan, or America in the war!
  • Uses 312 Blocks of Save Memory

Details: Get ready to trip, and we’re talking hard! We’re putting over 500 weapons, troops, and artillery at your command. We’re loading you up with prototype hardware, sporting weaponry never before seen. We’re giving you a chance to experience the first realtime 3D rendered visuals of battles ripped right from the pages of history. And, we’re handing you the keys to over 50 of the most crucial confrontations in the biggest war ever fought. We’ll even let you pick the country to play (Germany, Japan, or America). But, once you’ve picked sides, we’re cutting you loose. history is in your hands. Lives are at stake. Will you champion freedom, or blow it and screw up the world forever?

UPC: 735366127015