HMEI Drawing Board Game Double-Layer House-Shaped Graffiti Drawing Board, Magnetic and Dust-Free Wall Sticker Writing Drawing Board Gift (Color : Style G 116cmx150cm)



Brand: HMEI

Color: Style G 116cmx150cm


  • Through drawing, writing and playing games to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination on the drawing board. The drawing board helps to exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination, perception and imagination, ensuring that you stay at ease and relaxed when your child is playing.
  • Childlike styling, baby’s favorite, rich colors, cultivate baby’s visual cognition since childhood
  • The one-piece frame shape instantly draws the scene, the color is full, the effect is realistic, and the texture is highlighted
  • Writes smoothly, one wipe is clean, easy to wipe without leaving marks
  • Magnetic graffiti wall stickers are allowed to attach magnetic light-weight decorative toys or racks on its surface