Hall of Games Premium Arcade Cage Basketball Game, Black/Blue, 80” x 54” x 88”


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Brand: Hall of Games

Color: black/blue


  • authentic clear polycarbonate backboard with steel frame supports for long-lasting play.
  • integrated oversized led scoring display and game clock with an easy control panel at front to select 8-great game options.
  • “reinforced 1-1/4″ diameter square steel frame structure with reinforced corners for ultimate strength and durability.”
  • features 15 inch diameter steel rims with durable tetoron nets.
  • lockable oversized 3-inch wheel casters are great for easy transportation and storage – comes with six 8.5 inch diameter premium rubber basketballs with inflation pump and needle.

Details: The Hall of Games Premium Arcade Cage Basketball Game with Polycarbonate Backboard and LED scoring is a great option for basketball enthusiasts of all ages. There are 8 different games options built-in to the LED scoring system which can be played by 1 or 2 players.

UPC: 821735011433