Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy for the Nintendo NES


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Brand: Camerica

Details: The Fantastic Adventure of Dizzy is a member in the Dizzy game series created by Codemaster and the game was released in 1994. The game is an adventure/puzzle platform game with a top, side-scrolling view. The story for this Dizzy title is as follows. Daisy, Dizzy’s girlfriend, has been captured by the evil wizard Zaks. Only Dizzy is brave and clever enough to rescue her from a terrible fate. Leaving the safety of the Yolk folk’s tree house Village, Dizzy sets out on his greatest adventure. You play Dizzy, the egg prince of the Yolk folk’s, and need to find a way to find your beloved Daisy. You are able to pick up all kinds of items which you will find lying around. With these items you are able to solve puzzles, for example you will find keys to open doors and you can also use a sack of money to bribe a pirate. The items are rather easy to find but it can take a while until you realize what the purpose of the item is. There are also 250 stars spread around the whole world. These you need to collect. If you manage to find a star you will see how many stars that are left. For each item you are also getting score!

UPC: 069667074021