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Brand: NEC

Edition: Standard


  • The Book of Culdcept was written by the Culdra, the absolute goddess. Certain unique individuals called Cepters have the power to draw on the book for holy might. They can summon energies and monstrous beings to do their bidding. some are powerful enough to destroy planets. One Cepter has the power to destroy the universe, unless Culdra can recruit Cepters to stop it.
  • Unique gameplay system combines elements of card games and board games, for a new strategic experience
  • Collect over 450 exclusive cards, and use them to battle other Cepters for control and power
  • Follow the prophecies and use them to guide the fate of the universe!

Details: From the Manufacturer

Culdcept, the book of creation and destruction made by the absolute Goddess, Culdra. Those who control the power can acquire the power of God. Cepters, individuals with the capability to summon from within the book, fight for total control over Culdcept. Those who control the book become Gods, and many worlds were created or destroyed by those who took over this power. But, Culdra has forseen the future… There would be one Cepter who will stop this chain and use the power to destroy the entire universe. Now… the fight for the fate of the universe is about to begin. Game Features: Unique gameplay system that combines the strategic factors of collectable card games on top of elements from a table-top board game. Easy yet addictive gameplay that will keep the whole family entertained for hours and hours. Over 480 exclusive cards to collect. Each card is illustrated by famous Japanese artists such as Naoyuki Kato, Hiroaur Kaida, Kasuya Terada and many more!

Product Description

Fight for ultimate power in this unique blend of strategy card and table-top board gaming.

UPC: 082472900026