Command & Conquer


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Brand: Nintendo

Edition: Standard


  • Number of Players Supported: 1 Player
  • Miscellaneous Attributes: Battery Backed RAM, Expansion Pak, Rumble Pak

Details: Product Description The quintessential PC real-time strategy game Command & Conquer has been re-created specifically for the N64 with new 3-D graphics and exclusive missions not available anywhere else. Westwood Studios fully redesigned the game for Nintendo 64 with new 3-D units, buildings, and terrain. Play as either the lawful Global Defense Initiative determined to uphold freedom, or the evil Brotherhood of Nod bent on total world domination. Construct bases, command armies, and develop new technologies in a battle to control the earth. Both the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod have their own characteristics and style of play. Each side has its own set of buildings, units, and tactics of war. The GDI specializes in building barracks to house infantry, while the Brotherhood of Nod is a structure that trains elite shock troops. Throughout the game, players must seek out and mine the precious mineral known as tiberium, which provides both sides with the power they need to keep their forces operational. There are a variety of mission types in Command & Conquer. Some require an all-out assault on the opposition, while other missions demand careful planning and strategy as only a single unit is available. Players must also deal with changing terrain and the ever present “fog of war,” which prevents them from viewing portions of the battlefield they have not yet explored. Support for the N64 Expansion Pak allows for enhanced graphics. Review Real-time strategy has been a staple of PC gaming for years. Several of the PC’s most popular RTS games have made their way to various console systems, but all of them suffer from the same basic flaws: lower resolution and shoddy control. Command & Conquer for the N64 almost manages to get around both of these problems, and while the resulting game is good, there are still a few little clunky things that get in the player’s way. The game’s storyline, told through your mission briefings, is reasonably deep and pretty entertaining. While the full-motion video briefings of the other versions have been scrapped in favor of a slideshow of pertinent images, the audio is intact. So, depending on which faction you choose, you’ll hear things from either a GDI (read: GI Joe-like good guys) or a Brotherhood of NOD (read: Cobra-esque bad guys) perspective. Each faction has its own worldview, its own various structures, and its own set of troops. Each faction does have different-looking vehicles and buildings, but do just about the same thing for their side. There are definitely differences, but the game is pretty balanced, so there really isn’t any one super weapon on either force. Like just about every other RTS game in the world, this game is a tale of resource management. To build more structures and train enough troops to roll over your enemies, you must maintain a positive cash flow. You earn money by harvesting Tiberium – a mineral that rises to the planet’s surface, forming dangerously toxic fields full of cash. Harvest enough of it, and you can build everything from basic machine-gun troopers to complex flying machines, flame tanks, and death-dealing obelisks. Come up short, and you can sell some buildings for quick influxes of cash, but this is usually a last-ditch tactic. Just make sure nothing happens to your harvester, and don’t attack until you’ve got enough military might to crush your enemy two or three times, and you should be just fine. Those of you who have seen the other console versions of Command & Conquer are probably expecting this version to look the same as the other versions, complete with flat, blocky 2D sprites that are run in a resolution far too low to be discernable. But the terrain, buildings, and vehicles in the N64 version of C&C are done entirely in 3D, giving an all-new look to the game. This, combined with the expansion pack, lets you run in a higher resolution, which makes figuring out if you’re looking at a minigunner or a grena

UPC: 045496870454