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Details: Play as any of 16 characters, each with his or her own human and hyper-beast forms, in Bloody Roar: Primal Fury–optimized for the GameCube. The title combines features exclusive to the Cube with the platform’s graphical and technological advancements for a game worthy of the term “next generation.” Bloody Roar offers fast and fluid fighting action and animations, incredible attack moves and special effects, and dynamic lighting. The game features seven gameplay modes: five single-player modes and two two-player modes. It also offers nine multilevel, interactive arenas with destructible walls and floors. Product Description Bloody Roar: Primal Fury is the latest in an ingenious series of tournament fighting games. Similar to DOA and other games in this genre, BRPF has a twist – its fighters are able to morph into hyper-strong beast forms that have a completely different set of moves than their human counterparts. These fight styles produce stunning matches with spectacular special moves. These transforming fighters were spawned when a sinister corporation subjected humans to experiments in order to create a new breed of warriors that combine human and animal traits. Now the warriors are out to discover the evil secrets of the corporation, and hopefully, save the world. Review The number of games that allow you to control a kung fu wererabbit can be counted on the fingers of one hand, namely Bloody Roar, Bloody Roar 2, and Bloody Roar 3. Although dismissed on the PlayStation as a fairly simplistic button-mashing version of Tekken, on the thus far beat-’em-up-free GameCube, the series’ various charms are easier to spot. The obvious gimmick is that your character can, with surprisingly little effort, transform into a werebeast of varying unlikeness. The tiger, lion, and wolf fighters are all fairly predictable, but the sight of a giant anthropomorphic mole battling it out with what can only be described as Graham Norton crossed with a giant chameleon is one of the more peculiar visions the video gaming world can offer. Thankfully, the graphics are really good and the controls work surprisingly well on the GameCube’s rather fighting-game-unfriendly controller. With a second “ultra” beast mode and a fairly wide range of moves, there is, in theory, a reasonable amount of complexity to the game. In practice, however, most people will just mash the buttons and enjoy the ride. Whether you take Bloody Roar: Primal Fury seriously or not, it’s undeniably fun, and it’s just the thing to keep you going until Soul Calibur II arrives. –David Jenkins —

UPC: 047875803411