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In an ironic twist, one of the coolest, most action-packed auto racing games in eons stars one of the world’s most sluggish cars. But racers will never sense a lack of speed in Beetle Adventure Racing as they zip, jump, and fall around some of the most original and beautiful tracks seen on the Nintendo 64. The uniqueness of this game lies in the beautiful graphics and rampant, humorous action (à la San Francisco Rush). On a Tiki-themed island track, for instance, racers are startled by a roaring T-Rex (clearly a nod to Jurassic Park), and risk a molten demise as the road passes alongside rivers of realistically rendered lava. With unusually long tracks, vertigo-inducing jumps and falls, tons (and tons) of hidden areas and shortcuts, breakable obstacles, and well-placed power-ups, this is a game that just keeps getting better with each play. Solo racers are pitted against seven other cars in a single race or championship mode, duel against one other computer car, or race against the clock. Multiplayer variations include head-to-head racing for up to four racers, and a Beetle Battle that could easily be its own game cartridge. In this Mario Kart-style mode, racers are armed with mines, rockets, magnets, and shield power-ups that impede the progress of fellow racers attempting to collect a variety of ladybug icons. Those looking for a long-lived gaming experience can’t go wrong with this one. –Eric TwelkerPros:Gorgeous graphics rival many arcade racing gamesEnormously fun driving action, long, well-designed tracks, many shortcuts and hidden areasExcellent car physicsCons:No single-player Beetle Battle mode

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Includes game cartridge with original box and insert. Does not include game manual.The adventure begins when you leave the road behind! Smashing, bashing fun! Crash and dash! Ultra-fast nitro blast! Go anywhere – choose your own routes, find surprises at every turn! Do anything – grab big-time air, engage in four-car mayhem!


With driving games getting all serious these days, it’s nice to see a racer focusing on fun rather than realism. EA’s Beetle Adventure Racing shouldn’t even be thought of as being within the same genre as games like Sony’s Gran Turismo or Sega’s Sega Rally 2, as it really belongs more to the crazy racing offshoot pioneered by Midway’s San Francisco Rush. That, of course, means Beetle Adventure Racing is rife with shortcuts and jumps, but the physics are more down to earth than its San Francisco cousin, making you feel much more in control of the car. Taking a cue from the N64 version of San Francisco Rush, the game has numbered boxes scattered across its tracks. If you collect all these boxes, they open up cheats and other extras in BAR’s GoldenEye 007-style cheat menu. Beyond that, you can earn new tracks and cars by coming in first in the championship mode, and you can practice both in the single-race option. What Paradigm accomplished visually with BAR was impressive, especially considering it didn’t use the RAM Pak for an additional boost. Helicopters and creatures pop out of the environments, the framerate maintains an excellent speed throughout (it’s less apparent at first, since you begin with slower cars), and the weather and lighting effects are superb. For example, the final stretch of the second track re-creates the look of driving up a mountain road during a gorgeous Colorado morning. The only real complaint that can be aimed at the visuals is that there are a few instances of pop-up in some of the tracks. They’re pretty rare, but they occur just enough to rob the graphics of an even higher score. There are also a few imperfections at work on the game’s multiplayer side, but these don’t ruin the game in the least. The Beetle battle mode, wherein two to four players try to gather six differently colored beetle icons and escape first, just misses its mark. The arenas are often so large so that you begin playing more by watching your radar than the actua

UPC: 014633079722