Bandai Tamagotchi 4U White ( Tamagotchi 4U White)


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Brand: Bandai


  • TAMAGOTCHI toy/device itself
  • Age group: 6 years and over
  • Great for children’s gifts.

Details: A new generation of TAMAGOTCHI, gTAMAGOTCHI 4Uh. You can connect with others! TAMAGOTCHI 4U allows you to connect with other by using the touch function of the device. You can connect with other 4U devices, and with just a touch you can exchange profiles and do fortune telling. You can download characters and items by getting the 4U app or data spots. You can download and raise your own TAMAGOTCHI on the 4U, with 8 slots available. You can remove the front cover of the device and change them with other 4U covers, or connect them with charm straps. Customise your TAMAGOTCHI 4U with your favorite colors and designs, now! (Covers and straps are sold separately). Bandai TAMAGOTCHI 4U WHITE ( Tamagotchi 4U White) (japan import)