Arcade1Up X-MEN 4 Player Arcade Machine (with Riser & Stool)


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  • Equipped with live WiFi
  • Lit Marquee
  • Matching Riser
  • Exclusive Stool
  • Our first 4-player Marvel game

Format: License

Details: Yep, here it is, with character designs straight out of the legendary Pryde of the X- Men animated pilot. The X-Men 4 Player arcade game was an instant smash hit in 1992, allowing players to control Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, or Dazzler, in taking on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants masterminded by Magneto. Four simultaneous players, amazing mutant powers, endless fun. Ready to team up for some remote play? The X-Men 4 Player arcade game is equipped with Live WiFi; yes, you can fight your way through each level with the help of retrogamers anywhere, playing from their own cabinets.

UPC: 195570001950