Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt, Gamecube



Brand: Ignition Entertainment


  • Explore 6 game worlds full of sweeping cartoon action and exciting puzzles
  • Packed with Hollywood spoofs for hilarious game play and atmosphere
  • 5 Pinky and the Brain mini-games keep the fun and humor coming
  • Beat the Warner Brother(and Sister)’s madcap enemies by learning special abilities and collecting all kinds of useful objects
  • Features voices done by the actual cartoon’s voice actors


The game is a third-person action adventure, which brings the colorful and hysterical world of the Animaniacs wonderfully to life. Players must guide the Warner brothers…and sister – Wakko, Yakko and Dot – through six levels in a quest to locate the hidden Edgar trophies. Each Animaniac has his or her own special abilities, and each must be used in order to fully explore the luscious landscapes. Puzzle elements are featured in the game along with ever-changing enemies and obstacles. Five incredible ‘Pinky & The Brain’ mini-games vary the pace of the adventure, as they explore the huge Animaniacs world, which is populated with dozens of characters from the cartoon.