YWXKA Custom Diamond Painting, Full Kits 5D Pushpin Artcarfts, Personalised by Number Kits, Home Puzzle Games for Adult and Kids


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Brand: YWXKA

Details: From that moment customize your own pushpin painting, simple operation, it is to stay at home to solve boredom and a good way to pass the time after work is completed, you will feel relieve the pressure, while experiencing a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and enhance endurance!
Educational nature of DIY: Simple 5D thumbtack DIY painting kit, suitable for children and adults, is a puzzle game parent-child, and your child to complete this painting thumbtack together, it will improve as educational parent-child cooperation

Product Name: DIY painting thumbtack
Customization: You want to send a picture to me to get a custom unique pattern!
Function: DIY kit home, family games, puzzle games, home decor
Size: 45 cm x 60 cm / 17.7 x 23.6 inch
1, the shop drawing on the drawing board
2, fixed to the four corners in the nail
3, the pin on the corresponding number on the canvas, facing the center of the red dot can be inserted vertically
4. After you complete this step, you will see beautiful works
Note: pushpin not eat, do not allow children to play in order to avoid swallowing accidents.
Images displayed on this page is finished, for reference only, you will get a set of materials to complete the painting, you must complete the painting himself. Enjoy the fun of DIY

Package Includes:
1 x Canvas
1 x champagne gold frame
1 package pin (about 9520), a pin size of about 5 mm