YQSHYP 2 in 1 Multifunctional Easel Learning Wooden Black & White Board,Baby Drawing Board Double Sided (Magnetic White Board & Chalk Black Board)


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  • *Quality wood: The product is made of natural wood, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, methane-free, paint-free, and harmless to children.
  • * Exquisite details: The corners are designed in a curved shape to prevent scratching the baby; the storage box is provided to hold the children’s painting supplies.
  • * Four-sided design: The product has two independent panels, each with two sides, and can be flipped at will.
  • * Independent adjustment: the sides of the product can be adjusted independently and independently, and the two children will not be affected when they use it.
  • *Folding design: The product can be folded, easy to store, easy to put, save space and easy to carry.

UPC: 098498755526