XLNB Kid’s Art Easel, Double Sided Easel for Kids Whiteboard&Chalkboard with Adjustable Stand &Turn 360 Degrees,for Children, Adults,Black


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Brand: XLNB

Color: Black


  • *Exquisite display stands Children enter the critical period of drawing, and many ideas need to be displayed on the blackboard. There is a white board on one side and a blackboard on the other side to express the children’s creativity, and both sides are magnetic. Children’s easel will provide children with more choices and let them swim in the ocean of painting
  • *Specially designed children’s easel: children lead a lively life. To prevent them from being injured, we use special screws and non-slip foot covers for children, and try to make them smooth to reassure parents. Consider every detail of children’s easels and blackboards in advance
  • * Height adjustable height: the height of the children’s easel can be adjusted freely, and has a lifting design. It can be used by children and adults, with a storage box, which can be folded and does not take up space
  • *For two children: Do two children often compete for a toy? Don’t worry, children’s double-sided blackboard and whiteboard can allow two children to draw and play at the same time, increasing the interaction between them, not only can improve the drawing ability, but also enhance the feeling between the two children
  • *Alloy material: use galvanized sheet surface, aluminum alloy frame, steel bracket (stable, durable, environmentally friendly)

Details: The perfect combination of high-quality artwork and artwork, we provide artwork!
Our easel is very suitable for your painting. The easel is carefully made of stable and durable high-quality materials. After a well-thought-out process, the rack can be easily folded and put away after use. It is very suitable for displaying finished products in exhibitions, the enlightenment easel that children like.

Easel size:

Product height adjustment: 98-165 cm
Board size: 63 * 93cm
Applicable age: 5 years old children to adults
Weight: 14KG
Double-sided: white board on one side, green board on the other side
Colour: Black

Due to the different display screens, the colors are slightly different, please refer to the actual items received.
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