Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Limited Edition Customized in USA. Comes with Elite Series 2 Controller Accessories. Compatible with Xbox One/Series X/Series S. Made with Advanced Hydro-Dip Technology



Brand: DreamController

Color: American Warrior


  • This custom design made compatible with the xbox elite controller and special editions material to reduce the weight of the product, and the anti-slip design on both sides make sure you can still enjoy it after a long period of use with long-lasting comfort and gameplay.
  • Feel confident purchasing your new custom xbox one elite controller.
  • These compatible with elite controllers are proudly customized in USA and are compatible with all Xbox controller models can be compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Windows 10, and other platforms.
  • This controller made for Xbox Elite’s original wireless controller includes a brand new wireless connection function, which can help you get rid of the cable line, enjoy the wireless range. This is not a Microsoft Product.
  • Don’t settle for a normal controller. Make your controller stand out with our wide color selections and Get the colorful custom-designed controller.
  • All custom designs are hydrodipped and compatible with xbox controllers customized and tested by a certified technician.