WSDSB Video Card Fit for Yeston RX5700XT 8GD6 YA GDDR6 8GB 2560 Units 1770/1905/2010MHz/ 14GHz RGB Gaming Graphics Card Computer Graphics Card


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Brand: WSDSB


  • Made of sturdy and durable materials, it provides comprehensive protection, ensuring its stability and durability, and a long service life
  • This product has low noise and quiet work. With lower operating temperature and higher efficiency
  • 1. The graphics card uses RDNA architecture and AMD LiquidVR technology. Compared with the previous 14nm processor, the performance per clock is 1.25 times. The RDNA architecture is equipped with GDDR6 memory and supports PCI Express4.0
  • 2. The RDNA architecture is extremely efficient, delivering a high-quality gaming experience with low latency power consumption and lower bandwidth requirements; the RDNA architecture can further reduce latency and render games faster with improved graphics pipelines
  • 3. Play 4K games, Game resolution can be easily set to 1440P

Details: The amazing graphics match perfectly with the smooth and free non stuck push stream to create an excellent game experience and professional live support Name: Graphics card Model: RX5700XT 8GD6 YA Core Name: Navi 10Stream Processor: 2560 Units Core Clock/Memory frequency: 1770/1905/2010MHz/ 14GHz Supports System: Windows 10,Windows 7. Interface type: PCI Express 4.0 Chip process: 7nm Memory: 256 bit/GDDR6/8GB Memory frequency: 7000MHz 3D: DirectX 12/ Mantle/ OpenGL 4.5 Material: Metal + ABS I/O Interface: 3*DP + HD Radiator Type: YT6B Power Interface: 8+8Pin Product weight: 1.15kg Package weight: 1.4kg Product size: 300*125*50mm Package size: 380*210*80mm Lamp: RGB Breathing Lamp