WJYZYHM Children’s Drawing Board, Children’s Three-Dimensional Drawing Room, Home Erasable Graffiti Writing Board, Suitable for Children Aged 3-9


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  • ♛ Supporting memory foam cushion: The product contains 2 memory foam cushions. Memory foam has good resilience, can evenly distribute body weight, and is not tired after sitting for a long time. The seat cover can be detached for easy cleaning at any time.
  • ♛ Matching erasers and towels: Magnetic erasers and towels are included, which is convenient for children to clean up by themselves.
  • ♛ Transformed storage room: The small space at the bottom of the painting room can store children’s items, clean and tidy, and cultivate children’s hands-on ability from an early age
  • ♛ Beech wood material: The plastic easel has poor texture and is easy to break. Beech wood has the advantages of durability, fine touch, and resistance to deformation. The surface is covered with environmentally friendly varnish for easy care and cleaning.
  • ♛ Rounded borders: We have added rounded corner codes to the four corners of the painting room to reduce corner collisions. The surface is covered with water-based paint, which is smooth to the touch.