WD HGST 18TB 512MB 7200RPM SATA Ultra 512E SE NP Storage DEVIC



Brand: Western Digital


  • Energy-Assisted Magnetic Recording (EAMR) technology improves writability
  • Triple Stage Actuator (TSA) enhances head-positioning accuracy
  • HelioSeal technology is the foundation for Western Digital’s high capacity hard drives
  • 512MB cache buffer improves response time and data management
  • Backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty

Details: Ultrastar DC HC55018TB Provides 29% more capacity than 14TB helium-filled drivesUltra-low Watts per Terabyte (W/TB) 21% lower idle W/TB than 14TB Ultrastar helium-filled drivesTriple Stage Actuator and Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording (TDMR) technology More accurate head positioning, especially in multi-drive environments, for better performance and data integrityRotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) Maintains drive performance in high rotational vibration environments and multi-drive systemsMedia Cache Plus architecture Better random write performance512MB cache buffer Improves response time and data managementDual Safe, RSA-signed firmware Retains previous firmware version for safe firmware updates, verified with an RSA signature2.5M hours MTBF and 0.35% AFR Unsurpassed reliability rating for Capacity Enterprise HDD for fewer failures/less service needsHighlights 18TB capacity in a standard 3.5-inch form factor CMR technology works with all capacity enterprise applications & environments Reliable, field-proven, 6th generation design Industry’s first HDD with Energy-Assisted Magnetic Recording technology improves writability and therefore increases areal density Industry’s first Triple Stage Actuator enhances head-positioning accuracy, delivering better performance and increased areal density HelioSeal design delivers outstanding power efficiency 2.5M hours (projected) MTBF rating & 5-year limited warranty 512e SATA 6Gb/s Legacy Pin 3 config – no power disable support Base (SE), no encryption. Sanitize overwrite only