Wall Decor Plus More Sensory Path Floor Decal Vinyl Stickers School Art for Hallway 9 Activities Primary Colors


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  • Complete Sensory Path Decal Stickers for School Hallway
  • Layout as designed covers 61 feet of hallway on BOTH sides of an 8 foot wide hallway.
  • There are 9 different activities in this sensory path package
  • This Sensory Path package features Primary Colors: Brilliant Blue (all words), Red, Orange, Grass Green, Yellow, Turquoise
  • Made with outdoor grade glossy vinyl material. This adhesive is very strong and is for long-term use. Be sure the surface you are applying to is clean and free of any debris. If your floor is waxed, you may apply a coat of wax over the decals to further preserve it.
  • Comes with detailed instructions and tutorials along with 2 squeegee tools for applying

UPC: 669356009589