Victrix Guile Limited Edition Pro Fs Arcade Fight Stick – PlayStation 5


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Brand: Victrix

Color: Green

Edition: Guile LE


  • Major Guile brought to life by the highly acclaimed Kinu Nishimura, who has been One of capcom’s most famous artists for over twenty years.
  • A true Collectors item, the Guile limited Edition Victrix Pro FS is laser engraved with its serialization number out of the 250 units produced, along with Kinu nishimura’s original seal.
  • With the included touch pad, programmable button, fully customizable audio, and lighting, the Pro FS give you complete control.
  • Audio support: 3.5mm headphone jack for audio output and mic input
  • Compatibility: PS5, PS4, Windows 7 and up

Details: Inspired by the 30-year legacy of Street Fighter, the Green Guile limited Edition Victrix Pro FS arcade fight stick is a limited production of 250 units, each unit is laser etched with it’s serialization out of 250. Officially Licensed by Capcom and PlayStation, the Victrix Pro FS arcade fight stick is designed from the ground up to deliver the fastest legal response time on Console. Authentic and reliable Sanwa Denshi parts complement our custom electronics to deliver the smoothest performance. Enclosed in a single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion, the Pro FS is crafted with comfort and ergonomics in mind. With the Link 2 detachable shaft included, the Pro FS is travel ready and can be transported without the worry of damaging the joystick.

UPC: 708056065546