Versace Watch Character Chronograph Date M8c99d007s099


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Brand: Versace


  • Set includes: body, box, manual, warranty card shipped
  • Everyday life waterproof
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • [This product, sukiyaki shop will deliver]

Details: Also said that the symbol of rebirth Versace, futuristic design features “CHARACTER”. This collection of beautifully finished in Versace color overwhelming popularity of the sport chronograph men’s watch, and beauty of the silhouette, while emphasis on functionality has been elaborated to detail design is the flagship model of the feature. By placing the brand logo and Medusa to 12:00 position, even while representing the overwhelming Versace likeness, discard the classical style, the product was from built up a modern image not like Versace in a good way, new Versace show me also the direction of, and finished in the item that you make me feel the magnitude of such scale. Three-dimensional dial, stylish and easy-to-read index, such as the small seconds and date display with an emphasis on functionality, make me feel the perfection in all, it is a man of items that can be