Unfinished Wooden Peg Dolls Large 3.5 inches, Mom/Angel Shape, Pack of 500 Birch Peg People, Charming Wood Figurines to Paint



Brand: Woodpeckers

Color: Pack of 500


  • QUALITY WOODEN DOLLS – These sanded, solid, steady-standing wooden figures are expertly turned from birch hardwood. A smooth (slightly addictive) paint surface and a strong, long-lasting figurine.
  • BIG ENOUGH FOR LITTLE HANDS TO PAINT… and for pretend play, and for a wedding cake topper, and even for cute little clothes! These 3.5 inch peg dolls are a classic shape for all kinds of jumbo fun! Base: 1-1/8 inch
  • WHOLESOME, AWAY-FROM-SCREENS ACTIVITY – Learning is colorful, playtime is creative and story time is vividly visual when you do it with wooden people figures. Our safe, untreated extra large peg dolls will keep everyone happily painting and playing for hours!
  • PAINTED BY YOU WITH HANDMADE CHARM – We’ve left the large wooden peg dolls unfinished so you get to do the fun part. Bring on the paints, stains, even sharpies – and paint as a family. These make delightful elves, angels, or wooden castle characters.
  • WOOD PARTS BY CRAFTERS, FOR CRAFTERS – At Woodpeckers, crafting and building with wood is our thing. Bringing you more of the wood craft supplies you love is our fun. And seeing pics of your creative creations – that’s our after-we-finish-today’s-work TREAT! Have questions about your dad peg dolls? Please do get in touch!

Details: Woodpeckers Wood Peg Dolls Large Give your blank peg dolls some personality with a peg doll craft! …model your kids’ favorite movie characters & sports stars …paint custom bride & groom wedding cake toppers or wood doll family “portraits” …complete a vintage game with hand-painted game pawns Wooden Doll Peg People for Crafts and More! Delightful Decorating: A collection of unfinished wooden peg dolls + a spread of colorful paints + some cheerful background music = wholesome family activity. (For less mess go with colorful sharpies.) Everyone loves to decorate these irresistible woodcraft doll figurines and mom will probably get busy creating lots of “samples” ;). Hands-On Learning Oh the things you can teach, and the levels they’ll reach! Colors, sorting, time-understanding, and even math teach them with natural wooden items. People dolls make adorable season calendars, color recognition games, and even alphabet sets. Imaginative Play Want to encourage creative thinking and build confidence? Use these wood people figures along with our half circles and arches. Paint the wooden craft dolls colorful or keep them natural. Then watch a little world come to life. Vivid Storytelling Make storytime a multisensory experience using decorated wooden doll pegs. Story characters you can see, touch, and move around a dream. (Just be prepared to start getting story requests all day long!) So stock up on all your peg doll supplies, & happy pegging!