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  • Using our class bundle children can explore and learn to control the BeeBot Floor Robot.
  • 6 pcs Rechargeable Beebots with Docking Station
  • 1 Transparent Pocket Mat
  • 1 Alphabet Mat
  • 1 Farm Yard Mat

Details: Children use an intuitive programming language to control this small, mobile robot with simple instructional buttons on its back: move forwards, move backward, turn 90° to the right, turn 90° to the left, delete the program, pause for 1 second, and GO. Program a route. When you press “GO”, The Floor Bot executes your program, emitting a sound (can be deactivated) and flashing its eyes to confirm each step, and emitting a different sound at the end. Press the clear button to delete the program, then start programming a new route. The Floor Bot features a memory of up to 40 steps, and moves in 15-cm steps, for easy route development. Supplied with a USB lead, The Bot can either be recharged via your computer or a wall socket with a USB mains adapter (not supplied). Automatically goes to sleep after 2 minutes of non-use. Approx. 4 hours of running time. Robust design with smooth-rolling, rubber wheels. Sturdy plastic.

1 Class Bundle (6 rechargeable Beebots)
1 Docking station
1 Transparent Pocket Mat
1 Alphabet Mat
1 Farm Yard Mat

UPC: 021281159218